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A History of Madera Canyon (Price $4.00)
Written by the Friends of Madera Canyon

Updated for the Friends of Madera Canyon 30th Anniversary, this 2012 paperback details the cultural and geological history of Madera Canyon, starting with the canyon's bedrock origin and native peoples, through today's Madera Canyon in the 21st century. It includes sixteen chapters, historic photographs and references for further reading.


A Field Guide to Madera Canyon Wildflowers in the Santa Rita Mountains of Southeastern Arizona (Price $10.00)
Written & illustrated by Joan W. G. Lewis

Joan Lewis has painted watercolor illustration of 194 species of flowering plants found from Proctor to Josephine Saddle (4450' to 7080').  Species are arranged by flower color, and the flowers and leaves of each species are shown.

The Nature of Madera Canyon (Price $15.00)
Written by Douglas W. Moore

This well written guide gathers together bits and pieces of Madera Canyon observations and information recorded in many different places and pushes the original investigation a little further.  Although not a field guide per se, the book is intended to broaden the perspective of the casual visitor and serve as a reference point for the specialist.